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Ceramic heat lamps

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A large range of ceramic heat lamps suitable for most situations

  • All fittings and accessories for the ceramic heat lamps are available.
  • The ceramic heat lamps will operate safely for long periods of time.
  • Operating life of the compact ceramic heat lamp is over 8000 hours.
  • Uniform heat is supplied to all the surrounding area requiring warmth.
ceramic heat lamp holder     A white flat ceramic heat lamp. The lamps are designed to operate for long periods and at a low cost. The heat lamps are made from moderm thermal ceramics that emitt no lighting.
Flat heatlamps will fit into most areas to supply heating

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black heat lamp
 A black bulb ceramic heat lamp. The small heat lamp is ideal
for areas where the heating source blends into the enclosures
surrounding area. The small ceramic heat lamp is very reliable.
Black heat lamp holder and black heat lamp for warming areas.

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Heat lamp

    A white bulb ceramic heat lamp. Humid areas are suited for the compact ceramic heat lamp. Cleaning the lamp is simple. A wipe over with a damp cloth will ensure maximum heating.
Heat lamps are economical to operate for long periods.
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Ceramic heatlamp holder

Ceramic lights require a suitable lamp holder. The ceramic heat lamp holder has mounting brackets for extra safety. Fitting heat lamps is easy.
Ceramic heatlamp holders are small & light weight.
The heatlamp holders won't rust.   $9.95
Ceramic heat lamp holder

The ceramic heat lamp holder safely supports a heat lamp operating at the highest temperature. Screw type ceramic lamp connectors do not overheat.
Ceramic heat lamp holders will fit onto most heat lamps to concentrate heating. $9.95
Ceramic heat lamp cover

Protection for the ceramic heat lamp can be provided by the
metal lamp cover. Heat will be transmitted in a uniform
manner to the desired area when a heat lamp is fitted
with a ceramic lamp cover.Ceramic heat lamp cover
will not rust and provide maximum protection.
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Our screw-based ceramic heater lamps create a natural sun-like heat. The gentle uniform heat of a ceramic lamp offers a vast improvement over red heat lamps or regular light bulbs which emit light and have a short life span. The screw-base design of the heat lamp can fit into an ordinary light bulb socket reflector that has a sufficient wattage rating.

AVAILABLE SOON. A selection of miniature heater lamps that are ideal for hard to warm areas. The miniature ceramic heater lamps will fit into areas that small heater lamps cannot operate.Miniature heat lamps are safe and very economical to operate.

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