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Ceramic heater  &  fan

Ceramic coil heater with four seperate heat emitters

small ceramic heater and fan small ceramic heater Heater operating temperatures are quickly obtained with four independently wired ceramic heaters. If a ceramic heater fails the remaining coils continue to produce temperatures close to preferred settings.

Temperatures are controlled with a built-in thermostat and fan.

         Detachable fan "air flow" projector
When heat requires channelling to a specified position an air flow projector fitted over the small ceramic heater will produce results.

   just      $42.21

"flow"         projector

     only     $19.92
The fan of the small ceramic heater is mounted on a flexible base to minimize operating noise. Fan speeds can be regulated to provide the optimum heating and air flow solution.

Small heaters with fan*

The small heater and fan is designed to provide rapid heating into selected areas.

small heaters with fan A heater case with minimum coil support ensures heating energy is NOT WASTED warming the small heaters frame

   Ceramic heat emitters rapidly reach their maximum temperature.

    Heat distribution can be enhanced with a small fan

The heaters fan may be positioned in numerous locations. A strong heater / fan support bracket is supplied with every small heater.

Fan / heater brackets permits the small heater to be mounted in areas of high impact. Mounts can be quick release or permanent.

small heater and fan
bracket not displayed

Small heater with fan

The small heater is available in several AC/DC voltages and temperatures
       12 volt
     just  $29.80
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     110 volt
     just  $29.80
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     240 volt
     just  $29.80
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Small heater fans

Fans for the small heater are whisper quiet. The fan speed can be adjusted to control  "airflow"

Small heater fans have CSL and UL listing. A low operating noise and the ability to support the small fan on a vibration absorbing heater - fan mounting bracket ensures suitability for difficult projects.

  • A1   35mm x 35mm x 10mm   12 V dc    7 CFM "airflow"
  • A2   40mm x 40mm x 10mm   12 V dc    8 CFM "airflow"
  • A3   60mm x 60mm x 25mm   12 V dc   19 CFM "airflow"
  • A4   80mm x 80mm x 25mm   12 V dc   33 CFM "airflow"
  • B1   80mm x 80mm x 25mm  110 V ac   34 CFM "airflow"
  • C1   80mm x 80mm x 25mm  240 V ac   36 CFM "airflow"
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  • heating wire

    A small heater wire and connectors are the perfect solution for heating projects.

    Cuprothal Heater Wire is suited for encasing items that require uniform heat.

    heating wire

    The high temperature tolerance of the wire connectors
    permits the heating wire to be operated as a radiator.

    Wire heaters can be connected to a variety of power supplies rated to capacity

    Lengths: 12 inches (304 mm) 24 inches (608 mm) 36 inches (912 mm) 48 inches (1216 mm)

    High temperature wire fittings suitable for most situations are included

    small ((  band  ))  heater

    Band heaters can operate on a power source as low as 12 volts AC / DC increasing to a maximum voltage of 240 volts AC / DC. band heater and fan The small heater has an overall lenghth of 1.8 inch ( 45 mm ) and an internal dimension of   1.8 inch  ( 45 mm )  that can be

    Larger objects and irregular shaped items may be safely heated with the band heater. A heater fan can also be used.     $42.82

    Miniature stainless steel heaters
    Small waterproof heater

      Miniature waterproof heaters have long high temperature power leads. The heater casing is graded stainless steel manufactured to close tolerance.

    stainless miniature heater

      A detachable heat radiation plate is supplied with the miniature heater. The plate may be used when the small heater is temporarily exposed to the atmosphere. Miniature heater and plate can be used for spot heating.

    heater waterproof
     enter VOLTAGE  &
      Also available is an "easy fit" stainless safety shield. (optional extra)


    Small fan heaters have an 8 CFM air flow with low turbulence small fan heater

    Available with 12 volts, 110 volts and 240 volts capacity

    A thermal switch maintains accurate temperature setting

    Fan speeds can be adjusted for optimum heating control

    cube fan heatersmall round heaterfan heater

    DIMENSIONS    1.57 x 1.57 x 2.48 inches (40mm x 40mm x 63mm) "with fan"

    Weight is approximately 0.35 ounce (10 grammes) Wall thickness 0.03 inch (1mm)

    The small fan heaters have four mounting options

    round heater mount fan heater mountsmall heater mountheater suction mount

    The bolt on assembly will withstand harsh treatment. Fixture screws are supplied with the small fan heater. Silicon adhesive placed inside the cup mount provides adhesion and reduces fan vibration. Pivoting heaters are suited for the bracket mount. Suction cups are ideal for heaters requiring a quick and easy release.

                  12 volts
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        enter temperature
                 110 volts
             select mount
        enter temperature
                240 volts
             select mount
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